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COD Mobile Operator Skills: Everything you need to know

COD Mobile has a large array of weapons that can be utilised in multiple ways in matches. The core of this game is focused around multiplayer matches and hence, the game is always striving to make better. Multiplayer mode allows players to have customised loadouts with guns, utilities and perks of their own choice.

Alongside this loadout, there is a feature named Operator Skills that makes a huge difference in COD Mobile matches.

COD Mobile Operator Skills:

Operator Skills are specialized weapons or utilities that assist the users in different ways. The skills are oriented in such a way that each item has its own pros and cons, and hence can be a game changer or completely useless as per the prevailing conditions.

The operator skills are features that players can use in matches once it is fully charged. To use any specific feature, players have to modify their loadouts and set operator skills accordingly. There are some aggressive, some multi-purpose and some defensive operator skills that assist players in various ways.

The Operator skill charges as the game proceeds and players can speed up this process by maintaining some kill streaks or complete in-game objectives specific to certain modes. The charging of any skill can be seen with a yellow circular ring around the item. Once it is fully charged, the item is shines brightly and tapping on it switches the gun to that specific item.

Types of Operator Skills:

There are various operator skills that are unlocked at different levels. As one makes progress with their in-game account, subsequent skills are unlocked. Starting with Purifier, the operator skills with higher scope of usage are unlocked in COD Mobile.


This skill is a fire blaster that burns down the enemies to ashes if one gets too close to it. This skill is perfect for close quarter combats and has ability to take multiple enemies at the same time. Players can use Purifier in Deathmatches or Domination matches where most of the battles are close ranged.

Purifier is very disadvantageous in mid range fights and experienced players can quickly tackle it by maintaining the necessary distance. Purifier also needs a small time-gap to burn down these enemies and hence, the user can die alongside the enemy if you recieve higher amount of damage.


Scythe is an LMG that can be carried as an operator skill. COD Mobile has its own set of LMGs but if players need this gun alongside their AR or SMGs, they can opt for Scythe.

This gun has high damage output and can melt down the enemies but is very heavy to carry around. The players lose high amount of mobility and hence, become an easy target. Using Scythe comes with large number of disadvantages hence it is not a preferable operator skill.

War Machine

War Machine is a grenade launcher that launches mini missiles to a sufficient range and can take down multiple enemies at the same time. Players can use this skill with very ease and hence, it can turn out to be a game changer.

War Machine can become useful in all the modes but especially in Domination, this item turns out to be a beast amongst others.


Hold the fire button to build up power and send a bolt of lightning at the target. 

Amp up your loadout with this electrifying weapon, which can shock enemies at any range with its lightning bolts.

The Tempest’s major strength is its ability to potentially turn an entire enemy team into a massive electric current. When a lightning bolt hits an enemy, any enemy within a few feet will also be downed as the current travels to other foes within close range.

Therefore, even though this weapon is great in one-on-one combat, it may really shine against a group of enemies bunched up together. Find those bottlenecks frequented by multiple enemies, equip this Tempest, and fire away… And its effectiveness may shock you.

When using the Tempest, be aware of the short charge up time before it fires its deadly bolts. Have a bit of cover on hand to duck and jump out of to mitigate this charge time, less you get shocked by an enemy before a single bolt is fired.

Places a deformable shield.

Unlike any other Operator Skill available at launch, the Transform Shield shines as a defensive tool.

The Transform Shield is a piece of mobile cover, which can be deadly in the hands of an astute soldier or budding tactician. 

When using the Transform Shield, think about where it might be an inconvenience for someone to get around this shield. Doorways to large indoor areas, entrances to major lanes, or access points to flank routes may all be wise places to put this deployable cover, which can be used to slow an enemy down or act as a stronghold for you to use against hostile forces. Also, when the Transform Shield is deployed there will be a flash effect that occurs in the radius around the shield that could disorient enemies.

Another strategy to consider is deploying it in the heat of battle where cover is limited.

While the Transform Shield may not directly take down enemy forces, it is still an Operator Skill to consider as it could change an entire map’s structure and flow.


Increases range the longer the Sparrow is drawn and has powerful blasting arrows.

Who said the bow and arrow was ancient technology?

The Sparrow is great for hunting down the opposition.

Once activated, tapping the fire button will shoot an arrow forward a short distance. Holding the fire button will pull the bowstring and arrow back farther, which, upon release, will propel the arrow forward at greater speed and distance.

As the tooltip suggests, keeping the Sparrow drawn for a long time will maximize its range. This may be useful for hitting targets that are far away.

However, it’s also possible to volley several arrows forward at a shorter distance by tapping the fire button. Try this out should you need to take out multiple enemies at once.

Last, but certainly not least, the arrow’s explosive payload does do a fair amount of damage. However, scoring a direct hit of an arrow on an enemy will instantly incapacitate them. Try to aim for center mass with the Sparrow, and the resulting explosion may also catch other hostile forces in the area.

These are not the only six Operator Skills in the game; be on the lookout for more powerful abilities and weapons from previous Call of Dutygames to make an appearance in Call of Duty: Mobile

But for now, have fun playing around with these Operator Skills in your next Multiplayer match!

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