The iconic ‘Oof’ sound effect is about to be removed from Roblox in the next few days. However, there’s not much reason for fans to worry

Why is Roblox Removing The ‘Oof’ Sound Effect?

Last year, VentureBeat had reported that the “Oof” sound effect, which is used as the death sound in Roblox was originally taken from the video game ‘Messiah’ which was developed by Shiny Entertainment and published by Interplay in the year 2000. 

According to the report, Intellivision CEO Tommy Tallarico sent an email to GamesBeat last year claiming the rights to the sound effect and looking for compensation for the last 14 years of Roblox using the sound for itself. A year later, it appears like the two parties have come to an agreement. 

A recent VentureBeat report dated November 10th says that the ‘Oof’ sound effect is set to be temporarily removed from Roblox at the end of November. However, fans won’t be missing the iconic sound for long, as it is expected to return in the Roblox store as a purchasable item for only 100 Robux, which is about $1 USD.

Furthermore, Tallarico has also created four exclusive sound design libraries for the Roblox which will cost developers $10-250, depending on how many sounds are purchased.

Alongside this, Tallarico will be able to sell exclusive “Oof” merchandise in Roblox’s official Amazon store.

“We worked together to find a fair resolution that allows Tommy to become part of the Roblox community,” a Roblox spokesperson said. “As part of our commitment towards UGC content, we will replace the platform’s default ‘game over’ sound effect with a new audio track later this month.”