Free Fire Battle Arena boasts a prize pool of 300,000 Diamonds, with an opportunity for every team to take the lion’s share. Follow this article to find out the nooks and crannies of the event.

The Free Fire Battle Arena Season 1 is followed by season 2 offering a second shot at the Diamonds for the teams. Players can register for the tournament in Free Fire through the FFC (Free Fire Cup) icon on the landing screen given that their account is Level 30 or rank not below Diamond 1.

Win Free Free Fire Diamonds by playing a tournament-

Free Fire Battle Arena Season 2 Format

Upon registering, squads will be handed 7 tickets to play in the tournament. The tournament kicks off on December 4 between 16:00 to 21:00 IST. Teams can find games by tapping on the Start Game button in the Lobby of Battle Arena in the given time period.

How to create or join a squad in Free Fire Battle Arena Season 2

Tap on the Create button inside the tournament menu. Fill in the necessary information which involves Squad Name, Discord ID, Region, and Banner. To join an existing squad, tap ‘join’ and search for an existing squad and apply.

How to register for the Free Fire Battle Arena Season 2

  • Tap on the tournament tab in the game lobby and click on FFBA S2 banner
  • A new tab will open where extra information regarding the tournament will be given. Click on Squad button to create your own team or join other teams.
  • Clicking on create will lead to a formation of new team.
  • Clicking the join button will send a prompt to your friends and if they accept it, you can join their team.
  • Fill up the required information and once your team is officially created or you join a team successfully, you will recieve eight tickets.