Valorant patch 1.13

Valorant players are facing issues where the entire lobby is sent back to the lobby screen without any message suggesting an error. Players have encountered this error mid-games but several reports also indicate this occurring at the start.

This issue is not persistent, and chances are you may not have faced it. Those who do face it will find the match disappeared from their match history as if the match never happened. While in a game, the entire lobby will be taken out of the match back into the lobby screen similar to when they finish a match.

Many in the Valorant sub-reddit suggested it to be several players getting banned, but the message “Cheater Detected Match Terminated” is nowhere to be found. The possibility of server issues has also been ruled out as stands other players using the same server are not facing a similar issue. As it stands, there is no concrete reason singled out behind this issue but the number of reports reduced significantly over time.