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Fnatic defeat Dignitas at Flashpoint 2

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Fnatic move onto the Upper Bracket semi-finals after seeing off their opponents in the Swedish derby at Flashpoint 2 in a BO3 affair. 

Fnatic vs Dignitas Flashpoint 2 Map Veto:

  • fnatic removed Nuke
  • Dignitas removed Mirage
  • fnatic picked Overpass
  • Dignitas picked Vertigo
  • fnatic removed Dust2
  • Dignitas removed Inferno
  • Train was left over

Fnatic’s road to Flashpoint 2 Upper bracket quarter-finale:

After receiving an invite to the second season of Flashpoint, Fnatic overcame Dignitas twice in the tournament where they will now be facing the winner of OG Vs MIBR in the Semi-Finals of the Upper bracket. After only dropping a series to MAD Lions in the group stage, they did put up a valiant effort to enter the playoffs before today’s fixture.

Dignitas’s road to Flashpoint 2 Upper bracket quarter-finale :

Dignitas now face elimination from the B site league as they have dropped down to the Lower bracket Round. As a founding member, this is their first playoffs appearance here at Flashpoint.

Before this match up, Freddy “KRIMZ” Johansson was handed a VAC-Ban by Valve which jeopardized his chances of playing in the reminder of Flashpoint 2. It was later brought to light that the Ban had been triggered by Esportal’s Anti-cheat, a third party client.

As reported earlier by TalkEsport, the problem does seem to lie in Esportal’s anticheat and the Swedish organisation has iterated that the issues seem to stem from compatibility issues between their private anticheat and VAC.

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Fnatic vs Dignitas Map 1 : Overpass

Fnatic vs Dignitas at Flashpoint 2 Map 1, Snapshot via HLTV

The Swedish team made a lively start to the game on Overpass and raced to a 11-4 lead on their offensive side thanks to Jesper “JW” Wecksell Endpoint, the demolition man for Fnatic who was so sensational with his AWP along with Freddy “KRIMZ” Johansson’s 3K post plant defense. Dignitas who appeared dazed during the early stages were unable to keep up with the Swedes here on Overpass as the latter came out of the gates with a win on their pick without conceding a single round on their defense.

Fnatic vs Dignitas Map 2 : Vertigo

Fnatic vs Dignitas at Flashpoint 2 , Snapshot via HLTV

Fnatic answered with yet another dominant display on Vertigo despite getting off to a medium pace start on the CT side. After getting the initial 3-0 lead, Maikil ‘Golden’ Selim & co. tightened up the defense to go on a big run and ended the half 9-6 in their favor thanks to Ludvig “Brollan”  Brolin defensive heroics.

But things did go in an awry for the Swedes as they were derailed by Adam ‘friberg’ Friberg and his troops who were in due course getting comfortable on the defense and starting to mount a comeback as Fnatic hit a wall over and over again.

After a combined team effort, Dignitas reached map point without an answer from Fnatic and forced the Swedish side to take the series onto a decider.

Fnatic vs Dignitas Map 3 : Train

Fnatic vs Dignitas at Flashpoint 2 Map 3, Snapshot via HLTV

However in the decider, Dignitas were quickly left out of sorts as once again JW and KRIMZ pummeled the defensive setups of their opposition on Train, leaving f0rest’s side no opportunity to get momentum on their side as the map was clinched by the swedes in the decider. The onset of train previously unfolded in the same fashion as a stalwart defense saw Fnatic lock 

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