Esportal issues statement on KRIMZ Vac Ban and more

Esportal have issued a statement clarifying the compatibility problems regarding their anticheat and CSGO's VAC.


Swedish csgo MatchMaking platform Esportal have issued a statement regarding the VAC bans received by a host of players including Fnatic star Freddy ‘KRIMZ’ Johansson, who seem to be using their service.

As reported earlier, the problem does seem to lie in Esportal’s anticheat and the Swedish organisation has iterated that the issues seem to stem from compatibility issues between their private anticheat and VAC.

We earlier mentioned in our previous report about there being a similar incident in the Asian region with 5E Arena and Esportal have highlighted the same in their statement, iterating that theirs seem to be a similar issue and that they working relentlessly to ensure the VAC bans caused by their anticheat are reversed and that the users can play freely on their platform without the fear of getting their steam account VAC banned.

As you may have noticed, some Esportal players have been handed VAC bans in the last couple of days. This issue appears to be caused by compatibility issues between our anti-cheat client and VAC. We contacted Valve immediately upon learning of the issue. They in turn asked us to send in documentation, which we did promptly. We believe that what we are experiencing at the moment is similar to what happened with 5E Arena in October, where unaccounted for VAC bans were produced due to a conflict and compatibility problem between 5E Arena’s client and CS:GO trust mode. Our belief is that we will be able to solve the problem in the same way as they did, where we make sure that our software works in tune with VAC and that all bans are reversed. We also want to underline that we are convinced that the bans we have seen the last couple of days have nothing to do with actual cheating.

We apologise for the disruption and are working intensely to resolve the issue together with Valve, with a focus on:

Reversing all VAC bans Getting our anti-cheat to work without causing issues, and We will continue to work with Valve to find a solution for this specific issue, as well as to avoid similar issues in the future so that those of our users who have not been impacted do not have to worry.

As this problem has not yet been solved and we don’t want to jeopardise the status of our players, we have decided to close down all matchplay on the Esportal platform until we have a solution in place. Our conviction is that we will find a solution within the next few days that allows us to open the platform again.

We understand and share the deep frustration that our loyal community is feeling at the moment. We hope to be back soon, and to continue our work in contributing to the positive community around CS:GO.

We will continue to keep you updated as we get more information from Valve and work to implement a solution.

Esportal’s Response

Esportal also stated that until such a resolution is reached with Valve, they will cease their services with immediate effect in order to prevent any more players being affected by the compatibility issue.

Esportal have moved quickly to ensure they can provide the optimum service and justice to the players wronged by their platform in a way and it will be intriguing to see how long it takes before Valve does indeed provide them with justice and assurance as regards their anticheat.