NOVA XQF wins PUBG Mobile Global Championship(PMGC) Season 0 Grand Finals

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NOVA Esports or NOVA XQF has proved it once again that they are the best PUBG Mobile team in the world by winning PMGC Season 0.

XQF beat the reigning world champions alongside other powerhouses and were crowned as the winners of PUBG Mobile Global Championship Season 0. This Chinese roster won a whopping amount of $700,000 as of the first prize and defeated teams like BTR, Na’Vi, and 4AM in the process.

Anyone who is well versed with the competitive PUBG Mobile ecosystem knows that NOVA XQF is always considered as a top contender in any tournament they participate in.

This team has an unbreakable record of being the most consistent team for winning the titles and even though the Chinese region was not seen in major PUBGM tournaments in 2020, the pinnacle of PUBG Mobile esports brought the best teams from each and every region under the same roof.

PUBG Mobile Global Championship was a gathering of monsters where the best teams represented their own region. Unlike the PUBG Mobile World League, PMGC also included Chinese teams and as a result, NOVA XQF and 4 AM were seen on the battlefield.

In the initial stages of this tournament, the League Standings varied a lot and veterans like Bigetron RA were leading for a long time.

Bigetron RA was among the fan-favorites but unfortunately, they failed to perform on the first day of the PMGC Grand Finals. This massive drawback gave them a major disadvantage in the remaining days and hence, they only managed to climb to the fifth position at the end of this tournament.

As BTR was out of the frame, the old rivalry between 4 AM and XQF stretched in this tournament as well. Both of these teams gave a very close fight but NOVA XQF stomped 4 AM on the last day and won the tournament with a massive 25 points lead. Natus Vincere also put up a great show and bragged the fourth position.

A special mention to Zeus Esports, a new roster who surprised the veterans and performed incredibly well for their debut at the international tournament.

This Mongolian team had a slightly shaky start on the first day but as the tournament progressed, they managed to pull off some wonders and won many matches with high number of kills. ‘Suk’ of 4 Angry Men was felicitated with the MVP award of PMGC S0 Grand Finals.

Overall, this tournament was a treat for PUBG Mobile esports enthusiasts and more such events are lined up this year. The pandemic stunted the growth of PUBGM Esports and many LAN events were canceled but hopefully, we might enjoy big events this year.


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