COD Mobile adds a new battle royale mode ‘Blitz’

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Activision has made a new addition to the battle-royale part of the Call of Duty: Mobile and as a result, we are going to see a new BR mode in the game.

This new mode in COD Mobile is named as ‘Blitz’ and seems to be inspired from the fast-paced gameplay of COD Warzone. This mode is very similar to the pre-existing ones except the fact that it is extremely rapid in mechanics.

COD Mobile often gets some interesting addition with each seasonal update. While things like minor tweaks, guns and revamped maps are expected, a new addition to battle-royale mode was something new.

The focus of Activision has majorly been on the mutliplayer part of this title and hence, it often felt like BR was neglected but in the last few updates, this shortcoming has been filled up.

Mutliplayer mode in COD Mobile offers an authentic COD experience on-the-go and this factor majorly contributed to the success of the game as Call of Duty enthusiasts quickly picked up the portable version and enjoyed the game at their leisure. The battle-royale mode was also quite interesting but lacked the diversity.

COD Mobile New Mode ‘Blitz’ Details:

Earlier, there was only a single map named Isolated in COD Mobile BR mode. Later, a new map named Alcatraz was added to the arsenal and now, a completely new mode named Blitz is coming. In this mode, players have to be as aggressive as they can and take risks to fight off their opponents and gather good loot along the way

The essence of playing Blitz is being gutsy in every move and not hiding behind the covers to look for an opportunity to strike. Activision intended to make a mode solely dedicated for massacre and bloodbath and as a result, Blitz came to existence with a very small area.

In this mode, a total of 40 players could enter a lobby where they would be dropped in a small location. The looting potential in these locations will be very high and hence, one can easily find some guns right after they drop down. There is also a big chance that you might run into the enemies while collecting more equipment so keep an eye on the terrain while looting.

The description for this new mode sounds very promising and hence, it will be interesting to see how the developers deliver on their part.

COD Mobile has always been a top-tier mobile game since its launch and hence, one could have higher expectations out of it. The upcoming season of COD Mobile is again rewired to be the official ‘Season One’ so such new additions could stay in-game for a long time.

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