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Alcatraz Map in COD Mobile – Tips & Tricks

Call of Duty: Mobile released its latest update on the occasion of its first anniversary and launched lots of things that brought in major changes to the game mechanics itself. Players were requesting for a new battle-royale map for a long time and finally after one year, Activision has added Alcatraz map to COD Mobile. After Isolated, this is the only map that the players can enjoy in the survival mode.

Alcatraz was first introduced in COD: Black Ops 4 and has a very limited area and is comparatively smaller for being a battle-royale map. This uniqueness adds a touch of forced aggressive play style to each player in the game. Players who are accustomed to the passive and slow gameplay in Isolated are suddenly put into a hotdrop area with constant fights with added survivability options.

Alcatraz map COD Mobile features

Alcatraz is a closed-prison map which is surrounded by water bodies. The area which is available for actual loot and rotate phase is very less and hence, players have to survive with limited resources instantly after landing and then focus on the loot after initial skirmishes.

Alcatraz map COD Mobile
Credits: Call of Duty: Mobile

There is also an unique feature that sets Alcatraz apart from the Isolated map. The players do not need to set up unique classes in loadouts and can pick up various classes that are scattered all across the map. Classes like Scout, Ninja, Medic, Defender, Smoke Bomber, and Hacker can be picked up alongside usual pool of weapons and equipments. Players can also change between the classes during their entire match and energy earned towards active skills is maintained between classes and only resets if the player dies in a fight.

Tips to play Alcatraz Map in COD Mobile

#1 Be Vigilant

Alcatraz map is provided with a very small area and hence, fights start to break out from the early stages of the match in COD Mobile BR mode The players need to be vigilant while dropping at any location. There is no scarcity of weapons as the loot is scattered in usual ways and the vending machines also act as a stop for refilling the ammunition and weapon loadouts for players.

#2 Be ready for a fight

Always expect players in every corner of the map. Sometimes you may get sniped or get pincered by enemies who like setting traps. Loot in teams and always cover the back of your teammate as you move forward. The zone shrinkage speeds are relatively faster in Alcatraz as compared to Isolated hence be light on your feet and get moving as soon as possible.

#3 Redeployment advantage

In Alcatraz, every time you get killed and redeployed, an uncommon assault rifle or SMG is provided when you respawn. Use this information to your advantage and take down your enemies with the available weapon right away. It may sound tempting to grab other better weapons in the map but catching your opponents off-guard will give you a slightly upper hand.

#4 Drop Location

Choose a more centralised location in this map. As the zones tend to shrink more in the central areas, this will give you more time to prepare for the battles than your enemies dropping on the outskirts of the city. Although it may be tough to survive at the beginning, the last few phases might become a lot easier for you.

This is all the information you need to enter the grounds of Alcatraz and dominate your enemies. Make sure to stick with your squad, communicate on your strategies and get the loot from vending machines. Good luck.

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