New Valorant update is causing “Party Not Ready” Bug for players across globe

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Valorant recieved its latest Act 3 update that introduced new map Icebox. With the map, a new agent and multiple servers were launched for MENA and South Asia regions. Unfortunately, players are not able to enjoy this update as a bug is rendering Valorant as unplayable for many across the world.

Valorant is facing a new issue yet again and this time, it is not any specific error code, but a matchmaking error. This error, popping up as “Party Not Ready”, is not allowing players to enter the ranked or other modes who have updated the game. The game can be launched and works completely fine until you get ready to play a match, and this error shows up.

Valorant Act 3 update was a big news for many players belonging to the Asian region. With the new Mumbai and Bahrain server launch, the players were finally ready to play with lowest possible latency and then, this error popped up. Valorant has turned off the custom matchmaking option and hence, the game is basically unplayable for now, except the other features which are operational.

Valorant Server Status website shows that the issue is acknowledged and posted the following:

Due to issues we have temporarily disabled multiple queues. We are working to resolve this as soon as possible.

From this statement, players can expect the issue to get resolved very soon but until then, the game is basically down and no troubleshooting will solve this problem.

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