Riot Games fines Astralis $6,000 for multiple late payments to LEC players

The fine comes after Astralis was alleged by its team members for missing salaries.

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In a statement released on October 13th, LEC commissioner Maximilian ‘Max the X’ Peter Schmidt revealed that Astralis would be fined a sum of €5000 in a competitive ruling.

The Danish organization was behind on multiple payments to its team members, as previously alleged by the members themselves. Besides the penalty, Astralis will also be subject to certain requirements from the LEC to avoid repetition of the offense. The statement also claimed that the Astralis General Manager “exhibited conduct unbecoming of a LEC Team Manager.”

The allegations were brought upon the organization’s League of Legends roster, which were later confirmed after a thorough investigation from the league.

To prevent incidents like this from happening in the future, Astralis will have to follow these conditions:

1) Astralis is required to establish and communicate a direct avenue which Team Members can use to report potential grievances towards the Astralis ownership group.

2) Astralis is required to establish an on-boarding program for their Team Members including an outline of the above as well as an overview of Danish vacation pay and tax/payment/EasyID requirements.

3) The League will schedule check-in calls with all Team Members in the 2021 Season to ensure the above has been executed.

4) Astralis and their General Manager will be officially warned for conduct unbecoming of an LEC Team Manager as we consider the LEC organizations responsible for the actions of their employees.

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