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Valorant Indian servers are now live at ACT 3 launch

Valorant Act 3 is live, and it has brought with it a bunch of changes to the competitive shooter. The update includes a new map ‘Icebox’, revamped competitive and deathmatch modes, a refreshed Battle Pass with a new rewards’ line, and new Valorant Indian servers.

Besides adding new servers to the Middle East and North Africa as the devs had previously mentioned in their ‘dev diaries’, the third Act has also introduced South Asian servers to the game.

The South Asian servers are situated in Mumbai, India, and are a part of the SEA shard.

Besides Indian fans, Valorant players from Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives, and Sri Lanka will automatically be matched in the Valorant Indian servers. Players from Pakistan will, however, be matched in the Middle East. But they can always use the newly implemented feature to select India as their preferred server when experiencing high latencies in the Middle East.

Riot has also confirmed that no ID or Account transfer is needed to play in the new servers. For instance, if your account was linked to the European region, you’ll still be able to play in Bahrain servers without losing any account data whatsoever.

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