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New CSGO update fixes grenade inconsistency

Earlier today, CSGO Dev pushed an update to the game to make sure that all grenades are now always displayed consistently between all players.

n today’s update, Valve finally addressed the age old problem of grenade unreliability in CS:GO. The issue with grenades not dealing even the minimum damage when exploding around small objects like stairs has been plaguing CS:GO for years now.

A four year old reddit clip by user Crypt135 highlights the problem with CS:GO grenades perfectly. In the clip, a HE grenade thrown by a Counter-Terrorist deals absolutely no damage to the Terrorists in Mirage A ramps because it exploded near the stairs leading to the edge of the ramp.

Today’s update finally fixes this rampant issue nicknamed ‘stair logic’ and guarantees players that their grenades will deal the right amount of damage from now on without any setbacks.

This is definitely not the first time where Valve has tried to fix the many issues surrounding the different grenades in CS:GO.

In May 2019 Valve had rolled out a patch to fix out the inconsistencies in the different types of nades being client sided and made them consistently the same for all players to fix the problem.

Additionally, in this update, Valve also addressed the problem with hostages preventing flashbangs from blinding players behind them. From now on, hostages won’t obscure flash traces and this will allow players behind them to be perfectly flashed.

Find out more about today’s update on the CS:GO website.

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