How To Play Sova in Valorant

“Wherever they run, I will find them.”

If you are the one who likes to initiate fights, you won’t ever hesitate to play as Sova in Valorant. Sova tracks, finds and eliminates enemies viciously and with precision. With his custom bow tactics and prodigious scouting abilities, he does ensure that no one can hide after he starts to dig in his terror.

Sova’s ability kit features his Owl Drone to his devastating ultimate that releases deadly energy blasts through the walls across the whole map.

Knowing when to use these and how to get the best of his abilities, he can become the ultimate intel-gatherer and thus unrivaled when it comes to figuring out where the enemies are.

Below we’ll discuss all of his abilities and provide some insights to help you get the most out of them.

Ability: Owl Drone – (Price: 300 Credits)

Owl Drone is a surveying robot that you can deploy in a bid to acquire the visuals around corners before entering a specific area.

With the Owl Drone, you can fire a bolt that would eventually stick to the enemy, thus revealing his position until the bolt runs out of signals.

As it would make Sova lock in his position while using the drone, it’s mandatory to take cover before launching the drone up for surveillance. Or else you can ask your teammates to watch your six while you mark the droned area safe.

Ability: Shock Bolt – (Price: 200 Credits) (Charges: 2)

Upon activating this, it would equip your bow with a shock bolt. You can fire the bow by left clicking which would upon releasing send the explosive bolt forward making it detonate upon collision and cause a feasible to the players in the vicinity.

This Shock Bolt can come handy when you need to clear corners as it deals plenty of damage with its large radius parameter forcing the enemies to come out of their hidings.

Signature Ability: Recon Bolt (Price: Free) (Available every 35 seconds)

This ability of Sova emits a Sonar emitter. Upon firing the bolt, it does ping and tag the nearby enemies causing them to get revealed until and unless you shoot the dart. Once you shoot a dart, the area behind the surface hit won’t be scanned by the Recon bolt.

If you’re willing to cover a wider zone, make sure you aim at higher levels while releasing it.

Ultimate Ability: Hunter’s Fury – ( Requires 7 Orbs)

This ultimate ability enables you to fire up to three deadly energy blasts that effectively beam through the entire map. When you hit an enemy with your Ultimate, he gets tagged upon every hit and is dealt a lot of damage.

Upon revealing the opponent for a brief time after the cast, you would easily be able to predict your enemy’s movement after he would try to dodge your ultimate.

Hence being a recon specialist with ruthless efficiency and precision in the game.

Sova can come out to be the best Intel gatherer in the game after Cypher who can use his ability to set up a camera in a bid to help the team gather the same.

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