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Viewers are watching CS 1.6 streams more than CSGO on Twitch due to Na’Vi showmatch

Looks like gamers are revisiting their childhood nostalgia.

CS 1.6 has defined a chapter in the lives of most veteran gamers. The game which originally started out as a Half-Life mod is still holding its head up high on the steam charts even 20 years after its release, with the player count increased by 40% in the last month. The legendary first-person shooter again witnessed an influx in numbers today, but this time on Twitch.

As we had reported earlier, a widely anticipated showmatch between the old Na’Vi squad from 2010 and a stack of famous CIS streamers was scheduled to take place on May 11 at 16:00 CET. While three games out of the BO5 were organized in CSGO, games two and four took place in CS 1.6, allowing viewers to relive their childhood memories watching legendary Na’Vi players like Markeloff and Zeus showcasing their skills in the old competitive shooter.

Photo via Haci on Twitter

The second and the fourth map which were played on CS 1.6 were respectively de_tuscan and de_inferno. The showmatch was enough to kick the number of viewers up by a significant margin, making it overtake its successor CSGO in terms of viewer count in Twitch.

While the CIS streamers managed to take the game one on Cache which was played in CSGO, Na’Vi retaliated fiercely and didn’t leave any room for the CIS streamers to capitalize on. They took three maps in a row and didn’t let the streamers force a game 5 which was supposed to take place on Train.

Each member of the Na’Vi squad from 2010-2013 have gone their own separate ways now and it was certainly a delight to watch them united in action after so many years. We’ll be keeping our fingers crossed for more showmatches like these to be scheduled in the future so that fans are able to witness their idols of Counter-Strike in play once again.

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