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FaZe Banks owned a Gambling Site, CSGO Wild, made millions weekly

Controversies have already started sparking up after FaZe Banks admitted to having run a CSGO gambling site to pay for FaZe roster.

The relationship between CSGO and gambling sites go way back. From time to time again, several gambling sites – legal and illegal – have sprung up on the internet revolving around CSGO skins. In the past, controversies were frequently seen building around such gambling sites and some sites have also been accused of being rigged.

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FaZe Banks is the owner of FaZe Clan and a widely popular YouTuber. In a podcast recently, Banks was talking about the economy of CSGO and the huge skin market associated with it when he admitted to having run a CSGO gambling site, making upwards of $200,000 in a day.

Banks claimed that the skin gambling in CSGO was sort of in a “gray area” since the skins had no “real value” to them. He said that he, along with others who he didn’t name but can possibly be a part of FaZe Clan, came up with the idea of opening a gambling website for CSGO. He mentioned that his motivation to do it was the fact that they “weren’t making enough money to buy a CSGO team,” which would cost him about “a million dollars.” They soon put this plan to action and made the website which he claimed were making “like 200,000 dollars a day.”

He also mentioned in the podcast about how far they went to pursue that idea. The FaZe star flew over to Antigua – an island in the Caribbean – where it’s legal to own a gambling website given that the owner possesses the proper permits to do so. “We flew there private, sat down with the guy who runs the country and basically paid him a hundred thousand dollars and he gave us the license,” said Banks. 

He mentioned about running the website for a few months before eventually shutting it down and then claimed that they were doing it legitimately.

Previously, many famous personalities like Trevor “Tmartn” Martin and Tom “Syndicate” Cassel had gotten themselves into trouble after being revealed as owners of gambling sites that they promoted. While Banks didn’t name any specific gambling site in his podcast, many have started to suspect that the unnamed site might just be linked with one of the gambling sites the FaZe YouTubers used to promote.

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