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New CSGO Map Tuscan is Now Available to Play

If you’ve been a fan of the Counter-Strike franchise since its early days, get ready for a trip down memory lane as the iconic CS 1.6 map de_tuscan has been completely revamped and is already available to download in CS:GO as a playable bomb defusal map.

Last year, we reported how map devs Brute and Catfood have been working on introducing a new Tuscan to CS:GO. Recently, we also reported how the CS:GO devs were testing out the new version of Tuscan, which led many to believe that this map might be introduced to the game as a part of the next CS:GO update.

It seems that the players’ wishes might have been answered, as the new Tuscan seems to be ready to play and is currently available to download in the Steam Community Workshop.

“The Tuscan full release is now out on the workshop,” Catfood confirmed on Twitter today. “I wish everyone a good game and have fun!!”

Tuscan CSGO Available on Steam CSGO Workshop

While players can choose to download the revamped Tuscan from the workshop, it hasn’t been officially introduced to the game as of yet. However, since the 10th anniversary of CS:GO is just around the corner, don’t be surprised if the new Tuscan is shipped to the title alongside the heavily anticipated CSGO 10th anniversary update.

Interested players can download the new version of Tuscan here and play it with their friends or on community servers.

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