First Look At Revamped CS 1.6 Map Tuscan Revealed by Developers

csgo tuscan 2022

The first looks at a revamped Tuscan has recently been revealed by the map’s developers, and CSGO fans across the world are taking a trip down the memory lane as they explore the upcoming CSGO map.

The hype around Tuscan initially started in 2020 when rumors started stirring that the CS 1.6 map would soon make an appearance in CSGO. 

Shortly afterwards, the trailer for Tuscan was officially revealed, and the hype surrounding the map peaked.

Finally, after another year of waiting, it seems like the first look at the revamped Tuscan has been revealed by Brute and Catfood, the developers behind the Tuscan remake.

CSGO Tuscan 2022

From the trailer, it’s evident that the revamped Tuscan has undergone a lot of improvements over its predecessor. However, the overall structure of the map is still somewhat the same, with the visuals of each area being enhanced. The in-game models and the environment are also revamped with delightful visuals.

The exact release date of Tuscan is still uncertain, but we do know that the developers are putting up finishing touches to the upcoming map. Fans can expect Tuscan to hit the CSGO servers in early 2022.