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Damwon Gaming dominates the first day of PMGC 2021 League Finals

The first day of the PMGC 2021 League finals ended with complete domination from the South Korean squad Damwon Gaming. PMGC is one of the biggest mobile gaming events of the year featuring the best teams across the globe. Damwon Gaming scored a total of 78 points after the completion of day one followed by Nova Esports finishing at the second spot with 75 points. Although, the team could not manage any chicken dinner throughout the day but their consistent performance kept them at the top of the leaderboard.

D’Xavier took two out of six chicken dinners along with single chicken dinners from Damwon Gaming, Team Secret, Stalwart Esports, and The Infinity. The Malaysian squad, Team Secret was at the third spot with 61 points.

PMGC 2021 League Finals Overall Standings

  1. Damwon Gaming – 78 points
  2. Nova Esports – 75 points
  3. Team Secret – 61 points
  4. The Infinity – 59 points
  5. Nigma Galaxy – 57 points
  6. D’Xavier – 54 points
  7. Six Two Eight – 54 points
  8. Rico Infinity Team – 49 points
  9. Stalwart Esports – 46 points
  10. Genesis Dogma – 31 points
  11. 4Rivals – 29 points
  12. Reject – 29 points
  13. MS Chonburi – 28 points
  14. DRS Gaming – 23 points
  15. Bigetron RA – 22 points
  16. Cryptics – 15 points

Bigretron RA and Cryptics could not perform well on the first day of the league finals. The teams looked completely out of form as they could not manage top-five finishes out of the all matches played.

The 16 teams will play six matches per day for a total of 18 games to be at the top of the leaderboard. The top nine teams from the east along with the top six from the west will advance to the PMGC 2021 finals which are scheduled to take place next year.

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