League of Legend’s LPL team Rouge Warriors has been fined a large sum of $400,000 for covering up a match-fixing incident which mainly included their jungler Wang “WeiYan” Xiang. LPL’s Discipline Committee issued a warning along with three million RMB fine equal to $423,687.50 to Rouge Warriors after investigations involving their jungler who was accused of match-fixing.

According to sources, WeiYan had reportedly agreed to an offer to fix a match during the 2020 LPL Spring Split. The former Rogue jungler accepted through Weibo that he had accepted such an offer but then, later on, refused to go in with it and didn’t took any kind of payment for the same.

Rogue Warriors then dropped their jungler from the team. The org reported this incident to LPL but after a year after they had covered everything up, says reports. According to LPL, it was only after the involvement of a third party who directly contacted WeiYan, this match-fixing scenario caught everyone’s attention. Now Rogue Warriors have to pay this huge fan whereas WeiYan has been banned from all the tournaments and from streaming anything related to League of Legends for 24 months.

Rogue Warriors could have avoided this fine if they had reported this entire case at the right time, it could have been even worse for them than this.