Esports and games often take inspiration from their peers in terms of designs and implementation of certain oddities. That is and should always be perfectly normal. But, every once in a while there are instances where things are blatantly sourced from other esports disciplines.

The latest example can be found in the game Pubg Mobile, wherein the developers have introduced an M16A4 skin named Psycho Savage. While the skin has been welcomed by the community, it is eerily identical to an AK47 skin in Counter-Strike Global Offensive named Neon Revolution.

In fact, the similarity is there for all to see. You can map it out yourself. The CSGO community has already taken note of it, with the post highlighting the same on their subreddit gaining a lot of traction.

What do you think? Is it identical? Should it be okay for an esport to copy skins that are community submissions from a peer?