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Recent update confirms CSGO is moving to Source 2

Since the past few days, majority of the Counter-Strike community was reporting input lag. Valve, as usual, took a few days to acknowledge and respond. Not long ago, Valve shipped a 12MB update to fix the plagued mishap for NVIDIA users. Following the update, earlier released Half-Life Alyx’s commemorative pins illustrated better than before.

The graphic upgrades were accidentally transferred from Half-Life Alyx to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This included ambient reflections, self-illuminated alpha masks, and an advanced Anistrophy setting, according to a report by WIN.gg. These fresh graphic upgrades were by mistakenly activated in CSGO’s engine leading to uncalled stutter.

Valve’s upcoming title is coded in Source 2 engine while Valve expects to upgrade CS:GO to Source 2 allegedly in about two months. The report further claimed that Valve’s reaction to cover up its blunder has led to substantial reveal. The developer zipped away every single strings and files associated with Source 2. This exaggerated response gave away Valve’s secret.

Bhavya Shah
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