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Latest CSGO Update Brings Several Map Changes, 1v1 Added to Overpass, Nuke

Significant visual changes were made to Cache in this new update


Recently, there have been some complaints about the performance optimization in the map Cache. The latest update addressed that issue along with lots of new changes to the maps.

In the last CSGO update, a new 1-vs-1 mode was introduced for warmup on Vertigo and Train. In the new mode players would be spawned in 1v1 arenas during warmup resulting in better quality pre-match practice overall due to the smaller arenas and constant gunplay. The devs had also mentioned that they might expand the new mode to other maps based on the response from the community. Today’s update saw the new 1v1 modes being added to the wingman modes of Vertigo and Nuke, which can potentially imply the addition of the mode to matchmaking in near future.

Some maps also underwent changes in the update.  Maps like Chlorine, Anubis, Overpass, Vertigo and Nuke didn’t receive any drastic change but only minor fixes. Cache however, gained itself a number of changes affecting visibility improvements and performance optimization. The HDR settings for the map were also optimized.

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Here’s a detailed list of changes in today’s update as mentioned in the blog post by Valve.

[ MAPS ]


—Changed default CT faction to FBI.


—Latest version of radar.


—Improved visibility map-wide.

—Brightened hiding spot near sandbags.

—Brightened A Main.

—Brightened B Main.

—Brightened target placed in corner under B Heaven.

—Reduced visual noise.

—Reduced foliage clutter.

—Speculative fix to ragdolls floating on the A Bombsite.


—Adjusted HDR settings.


—Added 1v1 mode to warmup when playing Wingman.

—Fixed clipping on dumpster at A site.

Wingman Nuke:

—Added 1v1 mode to warmup when playing Wingman.

—Radar now uses new graphical style.


—Fixed gap under box on B site.

—Added ramp-clipping to side of box.

—Fixed some minor graphical bugs.

While fans were hoping for a Source 2 release in the game due to the Source code leak that happened recently, it seems like Valve doesn’t want to push it out just yet. However, chances are high that we’d see the new engine in the next few weeks, if not days.

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