Krafton to Government: No Chinese connection in BGMI

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Krafton India’s case with the authorities returned with little hope as Government is in no mood to ease regulations. BGMI Ban which came into effect two days ago has put the makers into hot waters.

As dozens of BGMI influencers, creators, and fans plead to the Government to resolve the issue amicably, at the same time Krafton was presenting it’s case.

The developers are trying to resolve this issue as soon as possible and as a part of this resolution, Krafton has provided some proof that assures no connection between BGMI and data concerns with China.

Krafton pleas no Chinese connection

Now new information has emerged from the first sitting between the Government and Krafton officials. Sources close to TalkEsport have informed us that Krafton has presented its case to the government on the independence of its operations and data from Chinese influence.

They have further emphasized that the company’s data and other privacy matters and that the data are not handled irresponsibly.

This new evidence provided to the Indian government can turn into substantial proof for the case of Krafton. If the evidence is considered authentic and establishes that the connection between BGMI and China does not exist, there is a slight chance that BGMI’s ban might get lifted.

PUBG Mobile Makeover, BGMI

BGMI Ban in India is in the backdrop of the Indian Government’s stern action against Chinese apps. The first wave of ban was reported in 2020 when the authorities overnight banned 59 Chinese apps flagging ‘data concern and a security threat to the nation.’

Evidently, the PUBG Mobile Indian community was in a dire state to which Krafton, the creator, responded by pulling off licensing from Chinese giant Tencent.

Ever since, there were news reports on Krafton working on a war footing to re-launch a custom-made PUBG Mobile India under the banner of BGMI, which would address all issues of the Government.

The authorities, however, appear to not be in a state of any delusion and have spotted the Chinese connection between Krafton’s newly packed BGMI for the Indian community, hence the ban.

It is pertinent to note that Krafton is owned by multiple shareholders including Chinese giant Tencent, which owns little over but a significant portion, 15% of the company.

For now, BGMI fans can only hope that concerns of the Indian government are addressed and resolved by Krafton officials amicably.

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