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BGMI Banned In India: 5 Things We Know

BGMI was the most grossing mobile BR title in the country but according to our sources, the game has been banned in the country. There are several things at play when the ban order is issued but here are the five things we know about BGMI ban in the country.

Why Was BGMI Banned In India?

Concern over China’s role in data storage

One of the main reason of the government banning BGMI after blocking PUBG Mobile two years ago is the data privacy concerns and the links with China. PUBG Mobile was initially banned when the officials were concerned about the data of millions of active players from India.

As a result, Krafton severed its ties with Tencent at the time and developed a new game called BGMI, specifically for India. Apparently, this move was not enough as data privacy concerns have are starting to linger yet again.

BGMI Ban was not sudden; officials were indulged in talks

As per a source close to TalkEsport, the ban order imposed on BGMI was not a sudden action taken by Indian govt. as the responsible officials were already in talks with the authorities on both sides. This action was taken after issuing warnings on the ban. The discussion was going on for a few weeks.

Tournament Organizers were asked to keep preparations of events on hold

A ton of BGMI events, some major ones, are lined up in the coming days but as per our source, the tournament organizers were intimated about this order and were asked to stop the preparations of their event in case some action is taken.

The future of big LAN events that would be held in the next few days remain uncertain at this point.

App got removed from the stores around 7 PM

The main supply of BGMI to the audience takes place via official app stores and Indian govt. had asked them to unlist BGMI from their respective stores. According to a statement made by Google, the responsible authorities gave an order to remove the application and concerned developer, Krafton in this case, was informed about this matter as well.

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Govt to hold meeting tomorrow with Krafton officials

Krafton and Indian Govt. officials will be sitting in a meeting tomorrow and the outcome of this meeting will decide the fate of BGMI in India. Currently, the game remains banned in India after its complete removal from the official application stores.

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