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Among Us player base saw a meteoric rise in the quarantine, and has versions for different platforms, raised a question about its cross-play ability. Follow this article to understand the cross-platform functionality of the title.

Among Us was released in 2018 for Windows, iOS, and Android but its player base was nowhere near to the startling numbers it boasts today. The quarantine left the people hungry for any little entertainment they could get their hands on, which gave rise to games like Fall Guys and Among Us. The later is a simple yet entertaining game. The simplistic nature of the game lets players of various age groups share a piece of the action.

How to setup Cross-Platform in Among Us:

Setting up a cross-platform lobby is relatively simple. Upon creating a room in any platform, players are given a lobbying code that can be shared with their friends across all platforms. The code grants them access to the host’s lobby for a game.

The game works on the same set of rules across all three platforms except mobile players who can join without a name which makes it harder for everyone to figure out the true imposter.

This answers the question about the cross-play ability of the title. This game brings an out-of-the-box concept and it is structured to keep players across every platform engaged as it brings players from 3 platforms together which has resulted in a massive player base. A lot of modern AAA titles are implementing cross-platform support and Among Us is an example of how beneficial it can be for a game.

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