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Mobile Gamers take Among Us to 60 million daily active users

Among Us is not just popular on Steam, it's clocking great numbers on Android & iOS.

Forest Willard, one of the three developers of the fun covert gaming Among Us, has revealed interesting data about Among Us, DotEsports first reported. The game’s rise, which began in August this year, had a sharp takeoff which was led by streamers and youtubers, appreciating the simplicity and mechanism of the game.

The developers of the game InnerSloth, had to cancel the sequel, Among Us 2, in order to work more on the current version. The game recently clocked over 390,000 peak viewers on Steam, which is by far considered as decent.

Forest, who goes by the handle @forte_bass shared a graph of active users. In the projected graph the majority of these users appear to be from Android-powered devices, Windows & Apple’s iOS contribute rather equally. Although the bugs in Mobile Versions are evident such as SocketException & Ping issue auto-disconnect, the majority of the active players are from the Mobile fraternity.

The developers in the recent update confirmed their intent to resolve server issues and some new added features before getting into the development of Among Us 2.

Among Us Surge

The game surged in the middle of the month of August this year. The game used to get merely 1000~2000 active players on Steam before the breakout in the third week.

Today, the game has clocked the highest number of active players, numbering: 438,524. InnerSloth launched the game back in 2018, when the active numbers were not even above 500. It is a tale to tell, on how a game with minimal graphics was able to garner millions of players in about a span of four weeks.

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