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Among Us 2 Cancelled By InnerSloth

Over the past couple of months, InnerSloth’s multiplayer party game ‘Among Us’ has taken the internet by storm. The game of deception, stealth, and survival relies on simple game mechanics to make it enjoyable for millions of players worldwide.

The announcement of an upcoming ‘Among Us 2’ by the develovpers in August 2020 caught the world off guard, but it seems like there has been a change of plans following that decision.

Due to the unprecedented love Among Us has received from the fans, the developers have decided to call it quits to their upcoming project of Among Us 2 which was already in works. Instead, they’re about to put in all the effort to the current Among Us title to develop it further, the company announced today.

“We have decided to cancel Among Us 2 and instead put all our focus into improving Among Us 1,” they said through a blog dated September 24th. “All of the content we had planned for Among Us 2 will instead go into Among Us 1.”

Among Us wasn’t always as popular as it is today. The game was released in 2018 but failed to gain much traction as of late. The wheel of fortune turned for Among Us when it was picked up by several streamers and YouTubers around in August 2020. From then on, it was pretty much an uphill climb for the game.

Big YouTubers and renowned Twitch streamers like Pokimane, moistcr1tikal and even PewDiePie started streaming the game, which furthered the trendy game’s popularity.

New features in Among Us

InnerSloth has also announced their future plans for Among Us today, which includes new features and a map.

Here are some of the features that InnerSloth seems to be working on right now:

  • Servers: There servers in Among Us are infamous for crashing without warnings. The frequent crashes are quite frustrating for the players, and that’s why the devs have started working on ways to figure out the cause of the server issues. InnerSloth hasn’t given the players an ETA on when the servers will return to normal, but the issues can be expected to be fixed in the next couple of weeks.
  • Colorblind Support: Till now, it was extremely tough for colorblind players to enjoy Among Us, especially in random lobbies where people generally tend to use colors to identify each other. Some tasks, like the connecting wires task, also required being able to see colors clearly.

“We plan on adding other identifiers for players as well as certain color focused tasks (Like wires),” the blog said. “This should also open the potential for more colors. In the past, we couldn’t add more colors because it became too difficult to tell players apart.”

  • Friends and Accounts system: After this feature is implemented, players will likely be able to create in-game accounts and send friend requests to other players who they enjoy playing the game with. However, this feature will take quite a bit of time, according to the devs.
  • New Map: An upcoming new map for Among Us is currently in works. The initial layout is being designed by the team and the theme is set to be a “Henry Stickmin themed location”.

While the game is still extremely enjoyable to play as of now, these new updates are certain to take the gameplay experience to the next level. Currently, Among Us regularly rocks peak player counts of about 300,000 on Steam, which is a significant concurrent number of players, to say the least.

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