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PUBG Mobile Ban in India is going to be Permanent: Report

PUBG Mobile and its imposed ban in India have opened up a number of possibilities for the game’s future in India. Though there were some positive responses leading towards a potential urban, new reports suggest that the ban is not going to be lifted anytime soon.

PUBG Mobile was banned in India with 117 other Chinese apps for data mining and user privacy concerns. According to the official press release, these apps were blocked as they were “prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, Defense of India and security of state and public order.”

According to a report by InsideSport, the sources have revealed that “MeitY is in no hurry to revoke the ban on PUBG or any other banned Chinese app.” It also says that “mere announcement” from PUBG Corporation to severe its ties with Tencent Games in India is not enough for the ban to be revoked.

“There is no discussion within the ministry officials to revoke the ban on any of the apps listed in the ban list. We will stay away from making any comment on any specific company or app” – Ministry Source

Though there is no direct indication that the statement corresponds to any specific app, viz PUBG Mobile, but the statement could not be completely ignored. There are several ways in which the statement can be misinterpreted, mainly on how PUBG Mobile ban could be “permanent” but that’s not the case, the ban may or may not be here to stay, but the speculations are futile for now.

Several may debate on how PUBG Mobile ban imposition is only related to the application and not the entirety of the game, which could just be relaunched with a different publisher, but even this information is strictly conjectured for now. The intricacies of this matter are unknown and hence making assumptions at this stage won’t lead anywhere.

Divyesh Moghe
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