Our sources have revealed that many of the prominent Indian Gaming YouTubers have employed viewbots for their channel at some point in their career till date and are continuing to do so. The revelation is quite a shocking one and includes high profile names in the Indian Gaming industry.

For people who do not know what a viewbot is, it basically is a system that boosts your viewership, be it in terms of live concurrent viewers on a livestream or total views on a video.

The report indicates that while some big names have only contracted to use viewbots on specific videos or live streams mainly to boost views on media related to brand deals or sponsors, there are several who employ this system regularly based on a periodical contract.

An inside source in the viewbotting market revealed to us that there are ‘packages’ for people to choose from; packages that vary based on the number of views/viewers one needs and even monthly packages where there is a lump sum payment each month in lieu of using the viewbot regularly on every video/live stream if and when the buyer wishes to do so.

This paints a gruesome picture for brands and the future of the YouTube gaming scene as it invalidates a large portion of the viewership of several prominent Indian Gaming Streamers on YouTube. We have refrained from taking names in this article as a matter of courtesy. We request and urge the complicit users to move away from this practice and/or come clean to their loyal audience.

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