Megastars is one of the top organizations working in Indian Esports scene, mainly competing in Mobile titles. The PUBG Mobile squad playing under Megastars banner has been disbanded after the the game was banned some days ago.

PUBG Mobile and its ban is currently a very hot topic in India. Almost the entire country is aware about this massive ban and the esports industry in India is instantly facing the backlash. The players and organisations competing in the PUBG Mobile esports industry have a complex decision to make and Megastars becomes the first prominent team in India to announce the future of their PUBG Mobile roster.

Megastars has decided to shutdown their operations related to PUBG Mobile division due to this ban. The ban was considered to be reverted in some way considering the thriving industry surrounding that single title but there are no official announcements by Tencent till date.

Megastars was among the top seven teams in India that competed globally during PMWL East 2020. While the team could not win the tournament, they left their impact during the league stages by consistently performing for two weeks straight. Megastars wasn’t able to instantly gain traction when they entered this scene. They had to work hard to showcase their talent and subsequently received what they deserved.

Players like Paradox and Encore announced their departure and talked about their journey and some future plans. Kull, the founder of Villagers Esports, expressed his own views on the current condition of Indian organizations in a video addressing some financial prospects of the industry.