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Indian Players will get back their inventory in Battlegrounds Mobile India

Indian PUBG Mobile players can rejoice as PUBG pro Abhijeet ‘Ghatak’ Andhare has revealed new information regarding Battlegrounds Mobile India. According to him, players won’t lose their old inventory after switching to this new game. This means that all of your skins and items will be restored as it is, from the global version.

PUBG Mobile has one of the biggest skin pools in battle-royale games and all of these outfits come from in-game store where players spend their money to buy stuff. Indian players who spent tons of money to buy skins and crates in PUBG Mobile were very worried once the game was banned.

The ban imposed on PUBG Mobile meant that all of the money invested in the game was gone but Krafton seems to have taken care of this and solved a big issue. Players will retain their original account as it is and this will include everything you had in your inventory.

Players who bought Royale Pass and several skins from in-game UC will be given back as well. This is certainly a big news for Indian players who were worried of losing everything. The official announcement regarding this matter is not made yet but such changes are expected as soon as Battlegrounds Mobile India is released.

Ghatak also mentioned that players will not be able to enter cross-server matchmaking and will only be able to play with other Indian players. This is quite obvious as the Indian version might host the data on different servers and hence, such matchmaking must be quite hard.

The game is right around the corner and the developers are building up the hype for the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India. A pre-registration process will begin very soon so make sure to enroll in it for getting access to the game as soon as possible.

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