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Battlegrounds Mobile India will not have cross-server matchmaking as per Ghatak

Ghatak says that Indian players won't be able to enter matchmaking with players from other servers in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

PUBG Mobile India is on the precipice of coming back in the country in the form of Battlegrounds Mobile India. As the game is right around the corner, several questions are arising within the Indian fan base about the intricacies and working of this new game. One of the biggest questions is that, will players enjoy cross-server matchmaking with global version or other servers and the answer is apparently “No”.

Famous PUBG Mobile pro Abhijeet ‘Ghatak’ Andhare made a detailed video while answering several question which are posed by the fanbase. In this video, Ghatak says that players will not be able to match with any other servers and will play with Indian players only.

Krafton has announced the arrival of PUBG Mobile in India with a new game known as Battlegrounds Mobile India. This title is the localized version of this game and similar to other versions, there are a lot of questions regarding the working of Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Currently, this game is being advertised as a completely new title by Krafton and hence, players are worried about their old investments made on the global versions. Many players in India have invested lots of money on alluring items and skins in PUBG Mobile.

Talking about the game, Ghatak said that players are unable to queue with players from other regions currently and hence, the cross-server gameplay is not possible. This will only affect those who used to play in other servers or had friends abroad who won’t have the access to Battlegrounds Mobile India.

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