SouL MortaL bags runner-up title at the Esports Awards 2022

Naman “MortaL” Mathur has been involved in the Indian esports scene for Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI; the Indian version of PUBG Mobile) since its inception.

Being the co-founder of S8UL Esports and a Battlegrounds Mobile India player from India, MortaL was also a finalist but did not take home the prize. However, on the 26th of December, the Esports Awards published on its Twitter handle the top three contenders for the “Esports Personality of the Year” award, and MortaL was revealed to have placed second.

Throughout his time in the esports industry, he was consistently regarded as one of India’s top BGMI players, and his team, Team SouL, was consistently regarded as one of the country’s top esports organizations.

He’s competed in a wide variety of national and international tournaments, earning him a high profile around the world. MortaL explained on a recent stream why Indian teams consistently perform poorly internationally.

At this year’s Esports Awards, the top three nominees for Esports Personality of the Year were announced.

  1. Nadeshot
  2. MortaL
  3. Charles Christopher White Jr a.k.a moistcr1tikal

By being nominated for The Esports Awards in 2020, MortaL made history as the first Indian player ever. MortaL came in second for “Streamer of the Year” and third for “Esports Mobile Player of the Year” back in 2014. The following year, MortaL was once again nominated for “Streamer of the Year,” but he once again came up short of taking home the hardware.

From a pool of twelve contenders, the following three have emerged as frontrunners for “Esports Personality of the Year,” as per the aforementioned Tweet:

Even if MortaL didn’t take home the hardware, being in second place at an event as famous as this one is no small feat. MortaL recently streamed a lengthy explanation of the many criteria used to determine the “Esports Personality of the Year” award.

He was nominated for the first time this year, and he speculated that the jury will evaluate him based on how well he kept his character intact.

At the Esports Awards 2022, MortaL came up short in his attempt to win “Esports Personality of the Year,” while S8UL Esports bested major esports companies to take home the “Content Group of the Year” trophy.

It was on September 16 that Mortal first uploaded a Mini Militia gameplay to YouTube. In 2018, he made the switch to PUBG Mobile. While still thriving on YouTube, the well-known producer also found success as an esports player with S8ul Esports.

Mortal is still active despite being forced to play numerous other games since PUBG Mobile was banned.

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