Valve launches Steam Replay 2022 to review your gaming journey so far in the year

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Features like Spotify Wrapped and YouTube Recap are evidence that every data-gathering organization is eager to flaunt the interesting insights it has gleaned from its users’ data. But Valve isn’t going to be left out, and this year they’re releasing their own “Steam Replay” function.

It breaks down your gaming time between PC and Steam Deck, reveals your most played games, and more.

You can choose to let your friends see your replay or try to keep them from doing so using the game’s sophisticated sharing features. Images suitable for posting on social networking platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, and even Pinterest can be created.

Valve provides you with two options for broadcasting your own Steam Replay summary to the world. Before you share a link, you can change the page’s visibility from the default Private setting to either Public or Friends Only.

It is also possible to preserve a condensed image of the games that you have won and then share that image on social media.

These kinds of customization options are great for expressing yourself to your pals and are a lot of fun. Not everyone wants their data tracked for these purposes, but others enjoy learning about their hobbies and how they compare to others.

It was also interesting to see how much more active I was in my gaming pastime at the start of the year and during the summer compared to the previous three or so months.

There are two different routes you can take to access your Steam Replay account. Scroll to the top of the Steam shop page and choose “New & Noteworthy,” then “Steam Recap 2022,” or click the link at the bottom of this post to go directly there.

Once you’re in your Steam account, the Steam Replay page will display the various categories under which your 2022 gaming activities fall. These include “Playtime” and “Sessions Played” statistics for your most active titles, monthly playtimes, keyboard and mouse versus gamepad usage, greatest daily streak, and Steam community comparisons.

Those that participate in the show using Virtual Reality or Steam Deck equipment are given extra attention in the summary. Don’t forget that Steam doesn’t record the duration of your offline gaming sessions, which can skew your Steam Deck statistics.

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