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Guild and XSET eliminated from Valorant Masters Copenhagen

The third day of the Valorant Champions Tour Masters Copenhagen Knockout Stage had two elimination games and champions qualification on the line. The teams playing were the losers of the opening games. 

The teams playing were FunPlus Phoenix, Guild Esports, Leviatan and XSET. FPX lost to Fnatic in their opening game, Guild lost to Paper Rex, while XSET and Leviatan lost to Optic Gaming and DRX, respectively. 

The Summary of VCT Masters Copenhagen Knockout stage day 3 is as follows:

  • Game 1: Guild Esports 1-2 FunPlus Phoenix 
  • Game 2: Leviatan 2-1 XSET

Game 1: Guild Esports 1-2 FunPlus Phoenix.

The game was very crucial for both teams for two reasons. Firstly, whoever loses will be knocked out of the tournament. Secondly, If Guild loses the match, they would be out for Valorant Champions contention. 

The game started on FPX’s Ascent with Guild on defence and began with winning two rounds, But FPX quickly answered back by winning five rounds consecutively, and the back and forth continued with FPX winning the half 7-5.

The second half started in FPX’s favour with them winning three rounds in a row, but Guild started coming back, winning five rounds, but FPX stopped the Guild train to win the map 13-11 in the last round on the backs of Suygetsu’s 4k. 

 Guild’s Breeze was anti-climatic, with FPX getting rolled over by Guild esports, and Guild won the first map without dropping a round.

The second half had FPX showing up, but Guild stopped the dreams before they even started closing the game 13-3.

Bind, the decider started with FPX on defence, completely shutting down any attack attempts made by Guild Esports. With Guild only winning three rounds to lose the half 3-9. 

The second half was no different than the first, with FPX completely tearing through Guild’s defence and winning the map 13-4 and the game 2-1. 

With the elimination, Guild has lost their chance to qualify for the Valorant Champions and would have to go through LCQ. FPX and Fnatic become the two teams to become the EMEA representative for Valorant Champions. 

Game 2: Leviatan 2-1 XSET

The game was a must-win for both teams, and if Leviatan won, they would become the LATAM representative at Valorant Champions.

XSET’s Split started with them winning the first half with absolute domination, with Leviatan only managing to scrape four rounds out of the twelve. 

The second half started with Leviatan winning four rounds of the first five, and it seemed they’d come back, but XSET managed to stop the bleeding by closing the game 13-9. 

Leviatan, on their map pick of Ascent, started strong by winning the first two rounds with ease but had difficulty converting later, with XSET defending the site with utmost confidence limiting Leviatan to only four rounds in the first half. 

With Leviatan on defence, they replicated what XSET did on the back of Tacolillas chamber and Melser’s clutches to equalise the game in regulation and force overtime. 

The overtime started with teams exchanging the defence halves, but Leviatan won their attack OT and held off XSET pretty well to close out the game 15-13, forcing the third map.

The decider, Haven, started in Leviatan’s favour with them defending sites with absolute perfection, limiting XSET to only three rounds in half, winning the half 9-3. 

XSET managed to answer back in the second back, thoroughly read all the Leviatan’s attack attempts and reached match point before the last round, but in the last round, Leviatan pulled 

off a 3v5 clutch to draw the game 12-12.

The overtime had both teams exchanging the defence half of the OT. With 14-14 as the score, Leviatan won the defensive half to reach map point and closed the game 16-14 to win the series 2-1. 

With this, Leviatan has cemented its place as the LATAM representative for Valorant Champions. XSET have qualified for Valorant Champions but are eliminated from VCT Masters Copenhagen.

Leviatan and FPX both would play on the 22nd.
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