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All the Teams qualified for Valorant Champions

With the conclusion of the Valorant Champions Tour Masters Copenhagen Knockouts Lower Bracket 1 matches, we have finally found all the regional circuit point representatives for the upcoming Valorant Champions 2022. 

The biggest Valorant Tournament of the year would follow the same format it did last year, but this time there’d be 16 teams, out of which ten would qualify directly through circuit points. 

The rest of the six slots would be filled with regional LCQs held across five regions: North America, South America, EMEA, East Asia and the Asia Pacific. 

The South American LCQ would have two slots, while the rest would only get one. The Asian Region is divided into East Asia, i.e. China, Korea and Japan and the Asia Pacific, the rest of the Asian countries.

Before the VCT Masters Copenhagen, only four teams, viz. Optic Gaming, DRX, Paper Rex and XERXIA had qualified for the Valorant Champions, but today, we got all the ten directly qualified teams for Valorant Champions.

Let’s look at the teams region-wise. 

Asia Pacific:

Paper Rex:

The Kings of Asia Pacific, Paper Rex, have been a constant force in Asia. With the strong performance in the VCT Masters Reykjavik and again qualifying for the VCT Masters Copenhagen as the top seed, they have cemented their position at Valorant Champions.

Xerxia Esports:

Xerxia is the only team that matches Paper Rex’s success in Asia with being the second seed for the international tournament and upsetting strong teams like Optic Gaming and FPX. Xerxia is the second APAC representative at Valorant Champions. 



LOUD has been the only other team who have completely dominated their 

regional scene to represent their region at Valorant Champions. They cemented themselves with the second place finish at Reykjavik and qualification for Copenhagen.



The Boaster-led Fnatic has been a strong EMEA team. With them absolutely dominating their EMEA peers in the current split, it was no surprise they are the EMEA representatives at Valorant Champions. 

FunPlus Phoenix:

FPX were the top team in the Stage 1 VCT EMEA Challengers but had to miss out on VCT Masters Reykjavik. Still, they managed to repeat their feat at Stage 2 VCT EMEA Challengers and, through a gruelling group stage, qualified for VCT Masters Copenhagen Knockout stage. Today they eliminated Guild to cement their position as the EMEA representatives at Valorant Champions. 


ZETA Division:

With their deep run at VCT Masters Reykjavik and Northeption missing out on the Knockout stage of Copenhagen, the ZETA division secured the Japan representation at Valorant. Champions.



Korea Valorant is synonymous with DRX today with its absolute dominance in the regional scene, and DRX is the Korean representative at Valorant Champions.



Leviatan came in as the underdogs and surprised everyone at Stage 2 VCT LATAM Challengers by beating KRU to become the top seed from LATAM. Since KRU had a disappointing finish at the Valorant Masters Copenhagen, Leviatan became the LATAM representative at Valorant Champions with today’s victory. 

North America:

Optic Gaming: 

Optic Gaming is a force in the NA scene right now. With the winners of VCT Masters Reykjavik, they had already cemented their position as the NA representative long ago.


XSET clenched the second NA Spot by winning the stage 2 VCT NA challengers and coming to Copenhagen as the NA top seed to beat the Guard, who had a disappointing run in Stage 2 VCT NA Challengers.

The tournament would be held in Istanbul, Turkey, and the rest of the teams would go through LCQs starting next month. The event would likely feature a live audience and would be fun. 

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