DRX, Paper Rex, XERXIA and Optic Gaming become the first teams to qualify for Valorant Champions

The last tournament as a part of the Valorant Champions Tour, VCT Masters Copenhagen, would kickoff on the 10th of July with 12 teams fighting it out to make their last attempt at circuit points and qualify for Valorant Champions without playing the Last Chance Qualifiers. 

Similar to the last year’s Champion, this year would see a similar tournament with 16 total teams qualifying for the event, out of which ten would qualify directly through circuit points while the rest of the top 10 teams from the regions would have to fight in the regional LCQ to make the last six participants in the tournament. 

The Region Wise Slots for Valorant Champions: 

  • Asia Pacific: 2 Slots
  • Brazil: 1 Slot
  • Europe, Middle East, and Africa: 2 Slots
  • Japan: 1 Slot
  • Korea: 1 Slot
  • Latin America: 1 Slot
  • North America: 2 Slots

The Qualified teams through Circuit Points would be as follow:


The two Valorant Champions positions would be for anyone to grab. With FPX at the top of the table right now, along with G2, would qualify if the qualified EMEA Teams, Guild and Fnatic take early tournament exit.

Going by the Masters Reykjavik format, Fnatic probably would get a top-seed advantage with a minimum of 250 points and might become the fixed seed as soon as the format is decided. While Guild’s run would decide their qualification status

North America:

Optic Gaming: Post winning the First Masters and securing 700 points, Optic Gaming has secured their position at the Valorant Champions irrespective of their run in the VCT Masters Copenhagen. 

The second seed from NA would depend on XSET’s performance. If the VCT Masters Reykjavik format is followed, XSET will get 250 points irrespective if they win or lose their opening match, qualifying them for the Valorant Champions. If that doesn’t happen and they perform poorly, The Guard would become the NA #2. 

Asia Pacific:

Paper Rex: With Paper Rex winning the VCT APAC Challengers and XERXIA, they have solidified their position at the Valorant Champions. They would probably be the top seed from APAC and try to make a significant impact at Champions. 

XERXIA: With XERXIA officially becoming the second APAC Team, they have solidified their position at Valorant Champions. They would play the VCT Masters Copenhagen to be the top seed from APAC. 


DRX: With DRX completely dominating the Korean Scene, it is no surprise they are the team to qualify from Korea. 


The representative of Japan depends on the Northeption Run in the upcoming VCT Masters Copenhagen, If Northeption manage to place third or higher they’d be the Japanese Valorant Champions Representative or else Zeta would take over. 


With Ninjas in Pajamas still in contention for VCT Masters Copenhgan Loud hasn’t yet qualified for the Valorant Champions. If NiP manage to qualify for the VCT Masters 2 they’d have to place second or win the tournament to even have a chance to take over loud. 


With Leviatan Winning VCT LATAM Challengers while KRU esports still having to beat NiP to make it to the Masters Copenhagen the LATAM slot can be anyones. If KRU fails to make it to Masters Copenhagen, Leviatan would be the LATAM representative. Incase both KRU and Leviatan qualify for Copenhagen, whichever team places higher represents LATAM.

The next six teams would be decided by the regional LCQs where one teams from North America, South America, Asia Pacific, East Asia and EMEA would make it to the Valorant Champions. In the LCQ top eight teams of the region would battle it out with a goal to be the last team from their region to qualify. 

The event would be held in Istanbul, Turkey and would probably feature a live audience if everything goes well. With the format of the tournament yet to be annouced it would most likely be similar to the last years Valorant Champion with 4 groups out of which 8 teams would make it to the playoffs and battle it out to become the Valorant Champions.

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