FPX Might Compete with Three Stand-Ins at Copenhagen Masters

FunPlus Phoenix (FPX) is an Esports subsidiary of Chinese Game Developer FunPlus. The esport org is a common name in LPL, Valorant and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Their Valorant Division initially played in the CIS region and still consists of mainly CIS players, namely Shao, Suygetsu and Ange1, while Zyppan is Swedish, and Ardiils is Latvian. 

The teams were the top seeds in the first stage of VCT EMEA Challengers beating Fnatic, G2 and Liquid to win the tournament. They were Iceland-bound but could not go because of the Russia-Ukraine conflict resulting in the team getting $25000 and 200 points. This was a heartbreak for them as the team had tried their best to qualify. 

In the current split, FPX started strong and lost only to Ascend and Fnatic in their group. Fnatic has been having an absolute demon of a season and performing out of their mind this season. While Ascend one was a close loss. 

Coming into the playoffs, FPX managed to start their run by beating Liquid, But losing to Fnatic made them drop to the lower bracket. Now in the lower bracket, they made a strong run initially by exacting revenge on Ascend, defeating M3 Champions and then Guild in the lower bracket finals to come face to face with Fnatic. 

Unfortunately, despite the strong performance, they fell to Fnatic, losing the game 0-3. They were the only team in the tournament to take a map off Fnatic and qualify for VCT Masters Copenhagen as the second seed from EMEA. 

But the VISA issue for Ukraine and Russia and the conflict persists due to which FPX might not be able to play with their whole squad again and would need to find subs to fill in for ANGE1, Suygetsu and Shao. 

According to Jakub Czapran’s report, FPX would likely look for Subs for the event, eyeing Danish Duo Mathias’ SEIDER’ Seider from Alliance and Mikkel’ Masked’ Fuglsang from Who Cars along with Polish Przemek “Kereme” Bogdanowicz for the tournament if the players run into VISA issue. 

As of now only, Zyppan and Ardiis have confirmed in the starting Lineup of FPX for the upcoming VCT Masters Reykjavik. The team is already Qualified for the Champions based on Circuit points though the seeding would depend on their master run.  

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