FPX Defeats M3C to become third EMEA representative at VCT Masters Copenhagen, Fnatic becomes finalists

Yesterday at Valorant Champions Tour EMEA Challengers FunPlus Phoenix defeated M3 Champions to become the third and final EMEA team at Valorant Masters Copenhagen. In the Upper Final, Fnatic defeated Guild Esports to guarantee a top 2 seeding. 

FunPlus Phoenix started its VCT EMEA journey strong, where they beat all the other teams except Fnatic and Ascend, the top 2 seeds coming into playoffs. In the Playoffs, they faced Team Liquid, and after a gruesome game of Valorant, they finally managed to beat Team Liquid. 

In the upper semifinals, they again faced Fnatic and, after an OT victory in the second map, avoided 0-2. In the third map, a comeback was looking possible, but Fnatic managed to hold on, winning the game 2-1. With this, FPX was now forced into the lower bracket. 

FPX, facing elimination, took revenge for the group stage loss against Ascent, winning the game 2-1 to meet M3 Champions at the Lower Round 2 for a chance of Masters Copenhagen Qualification. 

In the first map of Ascent, chosen by FPX, Both teams seemed equally matched, going blow to blow, but towards the end, FPX managed to close out the series 13-11, despite being 9-11 down. 

Breeze started similarly, where FPX did get a round advantage in the first half ending the half 7-5, but on defense, FPX could not suppress M3C’s attacks, only winning two rounds before succumbing to M3C 9-13 

Anti-climatically, the Fracture wasn’t as close at all, FPX on defense shutting down M3C to close the half 10-2 and eventually winning the second half 3-2 to win the map 13-4 and the game 2-1. Thus qualifying for VCT Masters Copenhagen.

This was supposed to be FPX’s second International Event, but unfortunately, they couldn’t attend last time due to VISA issues. They would ensure they perform their best to compensate for the lost chance. FPX would now face Guild for seeding.

Fnatic, who already qualified, faced Guild yesterday, where they continued their dominant performance. They have only dropped three maps in the tournament and have been undefeated. They continued their streak while facing Guild, where after a tied first half on the first map Bind, Fnatic managed to win easily in the second half closing the map 13-9. 

On Haven, Guild’s Map pick, Fnatic managed to close down Guild’s attack to win the half 8-4. In the second half, Guild managed to come back, but Fnatic displayed composure to close out the game 13-11, winning the match 2-0. 

Now guaranteed a top-two seed, Fnatic would come with their best game in the finals and skip the Group Stage at VCT Masters Copenhagen. They are a team that thrives on preparation and would want that extra time to prepare for all the Masters’ teams. 

The VCT EMEA Challengers Playoffs Finals will conclude on the 26th of June. Despite getting all the representatives from EMEA, the remaining matches would be crucial for seeding. With Guild facing FPX today, the winner of the series would face Fnatic tomorrow in the finals. 

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