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Optic Gaming qualifies for VCT Masters Copenhagen; XSET faces FaZe Clan for the second spot

In the Upper Finals of Valorant Champions Tour NA Challengers Playoffs, Optic Gaming beat XSET to become the first NA representative at VCT Masters Copenhagen. Faze continued their successful lower bracket run in the lower rounds by defeating NRG Esports 2-1. 

Optic Gaming is the defending Champions of VCT Masters Reykjavik and had a dominant performance in the VCT NA Challengers group stage, where they only lost one game to EG, coming into the playoffs as the top seed from Group B.

They played their opening match against EG in the playoffs, where they exacted revenge for the group stage loss winning the game 2-0. Yesterday, They faced XSET in the Upper Finals in a BO5 match-up. 

On the first map of Haven, Optic’s map pick, Optic almost seemed dominant in the first half, winning 7 out of 10 rounds, but XSET managed to reset themselves, winning the next ten rounds to close the map 13-7 and taking Optic’s map choice. 

XSET’s map choice of Icebox started with XSET’s attack finding holes in Optic’s defense where they won the first half 8-4. But on defense, XSET could not contain Optic gaming’s attack, and despite winning ten rounds first, they lost the game 11-13.

On Ascent, Optic’s map pick, XSET once again managed to suppress Optic’s attack and limited them to three rounds in the first half. But Optic put on a solid defense, only letting two rounds slip from their control to win the match 13-11. 

On XSET’s map Breeze, Optic gaming easily shut down XSET’s attack, winning the first half 8-4. On the attack, Optic Gaming penetrated XSET defense easily to win the game 13-6 and the match 3-1, thus becoming the four-time representative of NA at an International event.

 XSET, with the loss, would now compete in the lower bracket to stay in contention in VCT NA Challengers Playoffs. 

In the Lower Round 3, NRG Esports took on Faze Clan. Faze Clan lost their opening game, then in the lower bracket, defeated Luminosity, 100 thieves, to face NRG esports for a chance at Lower Final. NRG esports started in the lower bracket and defeated Ghost Gaming and Evil Geniuses to reach Lower Round 3.

The match started on Icebox, NRG Esports’ map. Faze Clan on defense started strong with only letting NRG win two rounds out of the 12 rounds in the first half. NRG almost made a comeback in the second half with a score of 11-12 before the last round. Faze, though, managed to tear through NRG’s defense in the last round to win the map 13-11.

On Faze’s map Haven, NRG showed an absolute stronghold on defense, winning teh first seven rounds, but Faze managed to scrap four out of the last five rounds. With the lead in the second half, NRG ran away with the game 13-8. 

On Ascent, Faze Clan again managed to tear down NRG’s defense, winning the first half 10-2. With the massive advantage, Faze closed the game 13-8 to win the match 2-1. 

Faze now faces XSET in the lower bracket finals for the second VCT Masters Copenhagen slot, and the winner reaches the finals of VCT NA Challengers to meet Optic Gaming.

The Lower Bracket final would start today at 20:00 GMT, be a BO5 and give us the second NA representative for VCT masters Copenhagen.

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