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Free Fire: Over 1.1 Million accounts banned for cheating

Free Fire bans over 1.1 Million accounts for cheating in their second biggest ban wave in 2020.

Garena Free Fire reports a massive banwave where over 1.1 Million accounts were banned alongside 3.5 Million devices for cheating in the game. Most of the banned accounts were reported in-game by the players and the officials have teamed up with anti-hack experts in the industry to cross-verify their actions as well.


Free Fire initially launched a program named Operation Cutcord in which they have claimed to ban 700,000 accounts reported by the players and a total of over 3.8 million accounts after deploying their new anti-hack detection system. This 1.1 Million ban wave is second instance of such a massive ban within a span of 3 months.

The amount of banned players has been segmented into several categories as follows:

  • Auto Aim – 35% – As the name suggests, this cheat automatically locks the crosshair onto the enemy granting an easy free kill.
  • Through Wall – 19% – The infamous wall hack has transferred from FPS to battle-royale games. This hack allows players to spot the enemies through the wall.
  • Teleport – 17% – Players instantly travel to other places and this is a form of speedhack.
  • Antenna – 21% – Allows the hacker to detect players on a long distance. It can be used to make safer decisions in terms of engagement.
  • Others – 8% – This may include lesser known exploits

Garena Free Fire has been struggling with the hacking incidents for a long time and there were incidents of hacking in the competitive scenario as well. Some months back, Entity Gaming and TSG Army were checked for hacking and some of them were banned for one year in the process. Entity Gaming soon released their Free Fire roster and Global Esports also followed their footsteps due to the concerns of cheating.

Free Fire recently announced its biggest competitive tournament in India with a total prize pool of 50,00,000 and a ban wave right before such a big event can assure a sense of relief for the esports organization that are going to compete in this tournament and may bring out the big organisations to venture back in the Free Fire esports side as well.

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