Fortnite fixes Mighty Monument Bug; players seem unhappy

fortnite mighty monument

Epic Games has fixed the hilarious Fortnite bug that caused the enormous Mighty Monument to fly away from the players while they throw something at it. The hotfix update is now live and you can just update the game right now.

Epic Games recently launched Fortnite 19.20 update and since then players are noticing that whenever they throw something at the huge Mighty Monument, it flies away from the player. Even though it was quite hysterical, a lot of players started loving this effect.

However, today Epic Games has officially fixed the bug with a hotfix update as the developers are quite fast when it comes to fixing in-game bugs and glitches.

Nevertheless, the Fortnite players didn’t welcome that fix as a lot of them are pleading to revert back to the previous version. In addition, the Fortnite developers have explained that even if the glitch was amusing, it caused a lot of FPS drop and lag to the whole lobby. That’s the reason behind fixing this bug within a day.