Fortnite Pizza Party Boxes: All you need to know

Fortnite Pizza Party

Epic Games released the Fortnite 19.10 update last week. Apart from tilted towers and the dinosaurs named Klombos, Fortnite added Pizza Party Boxes. You can take out sliced Pizzas from the box and it will restore both your health and shield together. However, your shield can restore upto 50 while your health can restore upto 100.

Keep reading to know the locations of Fortnite Pizza Party boxes and how to use them.

Where to find Fortnite Pizza Party Boxes?

Finding Fortnite Pizza Party boxes isn’t that hard as the boxes are part of a normal loot pool. Therefore, you can find out Fortnite Pizza Party boxes from chests, supply drops, loot llamas, and floor loot. You can get those loots by playing the game normally, however, it’s kind of rare. So you have to dig a bit more to find it.

Apart from the loots, you can buy Fortnite Pizza Party boxes from Tomato Head. Tomato Head is an NPC situated inside the Pizza Pit on Tilted Towers’ southeast corner. You can buy upto four boxes by paying 50 gold bars per box.

How to use Fortnite Pizza Party boxes?

Once you find out a Fortnite Pizza Party box, you have to use them correctly. Follow the steps mentioned below to use it properly:

  • At first, you have to select a Pizza Party box from your inventory and toss it.
  • The Pizza Party box will open on the ground and you will get two options.
  • You can eat a slice at that moment to increase your health along with your shield.
  • However, you can also store a slice for future use.

Note: A Fortnite Pizza Party box contains eight slices. Each of the slices provides 25 health and 25 shields.