Valorant Pro Nomsenpai Caught Cheating in VCT Match, Banned For 1 Year

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Vietnamese Valorant pro Tất Cẩm “Nomsenpai” Khôn has received a year-long suspension from Valorant after being caught cheating in an official VCT game. As a result, his team Ice Cee Jay Too has been disqualified from further participation in stage one of VCT APAC 2022.

“Cheating in any VALORANT queue is against the rules of competitive play and violates the rules of fair play,” Riot stated in a blog post. “Maintaining the competitive integrity of our tournaments is a top priority and VALORANT Esports takes such matters very seriously.”

Nomsenpai was caught cheating red-handed during a match in the VCT 2022 Stage One: Vietnam Open Qualifiers on Haven when the scoreline was 12-9 in favour of his team. As he, playing Chamber, entered garage while trying to gun down a fleeing Jett, his crosshair suspiciously locked onto the enemy Astra through the wall, who was not visible in his screen at all.

Players can take a look at the clip here, and upon taking a closer look it’s obvious that his crosshair locked onto the unseeable Astra. 

The ban on Nomsenpai is set to start from January 26th and will end the following year. His team will be allowed to participate from Stage Two of VCT APAC 2022.

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