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Fortnite Prop Hunt Codes

Fortnite is back yet again with a mini-game housed in the main game that goes by the name Prop Hunt, which has been very popular among the players in the past.

Fortnite’s prop hunt codes for November are here and everyone can get their hands on the codes to enjoy hunting props in the game.


Western World3541-6722-7262
Modern Mall1679-1165-5282
Phone Prop Hunt0722-9799-3791
Yacht Club8102-6553-6379
Prop Heist0227-7562-4411
City Park4760-0262-7171
Tidal Wave8312-0054-3731
Laser Tag5717-9259-0171
Battle Pass9565-6442-7019

Follow these steps to enjoy Prop Hunt in Fortnite:

  • Fire up Fortnite and head over to Creative under the selection menu.
  • Select Island Code and press enter.
  • Enter the code of your desired Prop Hunt game.

With Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 7 out, more fresh content will be headed the way of players so now is the time to punch in these codes and quickly get done with the Prop Hunt.

With aliens invading Fortnite this time, more and more characters might be introduced to play along the theme of the season which is bound to come with their own set of challenges and objectives.

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