Fortnite hacker threatens to dox Tfue after being confronted on stream

tfue swatted

Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenny confronted the aimbotter who was creating nuisance his Tfault scrims and earned a dox threat in return.

Tfue holds these scrim matches where his fans can enjoy playing with him. In recent times those scrimmage matches were harmed by an aimbotter, who is ruining the experience for every player. The blatant hacker has been confidently using cheats and is proud of doing so. Tfue has been seeking EPIC’s assistance to ban the individual from the game and on his 3rd January stream, he got an opportunity to confront the hacker.

Tfue’s lobby member questioned the hacker about his identity and reportedly squeezed a Twitter account out of him which revealed his looks but not his name. Upon asking about the reason behind such behaviour, he labelled Fortnite as a dead game and its fun for him to aimbot in it.

The cheater goes on to reveal that someone informed his parents about his online activity which infuriated him. “Whoever that was, just know that there’s a dox coming very soon – and I’m not even joking,” the hacker said.

Tfue ridiculed him in return by saying “Because imagine… I’m not trying to threaten y’all right now, I’m not trying to, but just saying – like, what if, like I know someone that can. I’m just not going to say it,”.

EPIC is yet to take a step against this hacker while Tfue is still under pressure of a potential dox.

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