Powered by GG.Bet, ICE challenge has come up with a new tournament where 8 teams will compete for the 125,000$ jackpot at the capital of England from 1-6 February.

With 10 Teams ready to enter the showdown, we will get to witness some familiar faces but under different banners with the likes of Dzhami “Jame” Ali’ and his men who now represent Virtus Pro followed by Team Godsent featuring Mikail “Maikelele” Bill and Co who did denote NoChance at the Europe Minor for StarLadder Major 2019. With Mousesports, ENCE and Heroic on the list, Curiosity has emerged regarding what future holds in the store for these teams as they are eagerly looking forward to dominating the scene. Rounding off the list is Aleksi “Aleksib” Virolainen and his men who are now sported by OG the newly formed team with a scarce experience as they finished at 3rd -4th place on the cs_summit 5 leaderboards.

The tournament is scheduled to be played from 1st of February with a Best of 3 GSL Group Stage fixture which will see a team getting eliminated from each group thus helping the rest 6 teams advance to the playoffs with a one-day break on the 3rd. Winner will be decided on the basis of a Best of 5 formats who will get a sweet share of 125,000$ from that mammoth 250,000$ prize pool.

The participating teams are as follows:

Natus VincereENCE