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Final Fantasy 9 Remake Rumors: Leaks Spark Hope for Zidane’s Return

Decoding the Clues: Is Final Fantasy 9 Remake Coming Soon?

Ever since the Final Fantasy 7: Remake and Rebirth came out, the community has gone haywire over the series, and there has been discussion about how the Final Fantasy 9 title, is the best title in the series for a remake despite Square Enix not having confirmed if there is even a makeover hitting the market. 

But, recently a new leak that broke out a few days back changed it all. EpicDB, a scraping and storage website that tracks every single listing there is on the Epic Games store, invoked the dousing fire i.e. the hope of the community for the game’s remake.

How was the game launch found?

Well, there were some tries to hide them behind codenames such as “Momo” a file that was found as a part of the leaks, but on dividing deeper into the directories, certain files were detected that had files with the title name “Final Fantasy” on them. 

The other reason why the suspicion is confirmed is because of the listing being against Square Enix and their infamous DLC names like “Thief’s Knives” that are planned for pre-orders, most likely tied to Zidane. There were even references to the card game in Final Fantasy 9’s “Tetra Master”.

So when is Final Fantasy 9: Remake launching? 

It is a wild guessing game at this point. Considering behind the scenes listing configurations were made and found, it could be as early as the coming month or as late as the end of 2024, we will never know. But an interesting fact is the existence of these listings dating back to 2023, making it unclear as to whether they hold any weightage. 

Despite a lot of excited community members tweeting at Square Enix, they have been mum about the entire situation.

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