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Epic Games Store Leak: Unannounced Titles Like FFXVI PC & FF IX Remake Surface!

Leaked Titles Spark Speculation: FFXVI PC, FF IX Remake, & More!

Epic Games just released a new store monitoring platform, EpicDB, which leaked dozens of unannounced and unreleased titles on its website.

The price monitoring website is a third-party database that hit the internet on June 11, but suddenly turned up with listings of many unreleased titles, some even with code-names such as Final Fantasy XVI’s PC port, the FFIX Remake and some other titles, which we presume were unintentional.

Who found the EpicDB leak?

Well, the leak seems to have been first discovered by members of the Famiboards and Resetera forums, where users quickly scraped through the contents of the website to find listed, famed developers who had several unannounced titles linked to their names

So, when are Final Fantasy XVI and FFIX Remake launching?

Good question. Albeit the two most head-turning leaks were the Final Fantasy XVI PC port and the Final Fantasy IX Remake, some deliberate codenames were probably devised to avoid just the situation we are in right now. Namely “Skobeloff” and “Momo”, these words meant nothing initially at first glance, but eventually, when diving deep into the directories, the files had several file instances named “Final Fantasy XVI

Epic Games Store Leak

Even the “momo” directory had multiple items listed under the name “Tetra Master Starter Pack” and a bonus pre-order set which if you can recollect, “Thief’s Knives” are from the title Final Fantasy IX, which strongly hints at a pre-order bonus that’s planned for the FFIX Remake.

But wait, there’s more!

Yet another leak listed under “Saber Interactive” was noticed, consisting of the files for the Turok game. A classic dinosaur slasher cum shooter game had been in limbo for the longest amount of time since its last titular release in 2008. 

Although resembling the Turok title, the game doesn’t seem to be a part of the Turok Trilogy bundle from last year. Instead, it appears to be a new game that stands apart from the franchise. 

How did the EpicDB leak even occur?

To put things in perspective, EpicDB uses a system that is extremely analogous to another popular aggregator game store:  SteamDB. The system has data scraped from the Epic Games store for details, normalizing and compiling all the listings in a central repository. It’s unclear if EpicDB is using an exposed public API endpoint for its DB, but since the system can look at listed private products, we suspect there was some insider mistake that caused this. 

We expect the temperatures in the rooms at Epic Games must be pretty high, considering they will be waking up to some angry emails about these leaks from the studios. 
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